The journey of the Stockfish (Gadus Morhua) begins in Norway where it is skilfully fished off the coasts and left to dry for three months in the open air of the gulf stream of the Lofoten Islands. After that, the best items are selected following strict criteria and become labelled as “Prima” Quality. The stockfish is taken to our plant in 50kg bales and it is later beaten (according to our Venetian tradition) and packed in bulk or in vacuum bag. We are proud to offer our superior products to our customers and partners as they are the results of our way of working which is characterized by quality, tradition and directness.

  • Stockfish selected following strict criteria, and labelled as “Prima Quality”
  • Beaten according to the Venetian tradition.
  • All our stockfish selections can be developed as a private label.

Our Selections

La nostra linea dedicata allo Stoccafisso prevede l’utilizzo di un prodotto di prima qualità, altamente selezionato.

Bremese / Wester Medio / Wester Ancona / Wester Piccolo / Grand Premier Italiano Grande / Italiano Medio / Italiano Piccolo / Olandese / Lub